Are you wondering what the blacklisted IMEI means? Do you want to find out what are the consequences of blacklisted IMEI? We come to you with an article thanks to which you will find out what blacklisted IMEI number means and therefore it is worth checking this status before buying a used device.

Before we start will be good to remind you what actually IMEI number is and what does IMEI stands for. So, click the linked article and find it out. What is IMEI and what does IMEI stand for?

What is the Blacklist?

It is a database of devices for which IMEI or ESN has been reported as lost or stolen. Having a device with an IMEI number that is listed on the blacklist can have serious consequences. The operator will block the network services, and in the worst case, the local authority has the right to phone.

To verify if the mobile device that you are planning to buy is listed on the blacklist, we highly recommend reading another article, where we already wrote: How to check if the phone is unlocked with the IMEI number?

What to do if I bought a device with blacklisted IMEI?

If the phone you bought turns out to have the IMEI which has been blacklisted, you have the right to return the phone to the operator or retailer from whom you bought the device. Only the owner has the right to remove the blockage, so contact him as soon as possible and inform him about the situation. Unlocking may take up to 24 hours.

Remember that a mobile device whose IMEI is blacklisted is useless due to blocked network services. So, every time you want to buy a used phone or another mobile device, please verify the IMEI number with online IMEI checkers to make sure your future device has a clean IMEI number.