FREE online Sprint IMEI Chekcker

Sprint Carrier

Are you the user of Sprint USA? Do you wish to use the Sprint Checker to verify the information about your device? Do you wonder to find out if your smartphone is Blacklisted or maybe has a Network Blockade? We are coming with a super useful checker that will give you a possibility to get these and more information that you can receive just by using your unique IMEI number. Let’s find out your 15-digit special number and know your device much, much better.

What kind of information gives you Sprint Check?

Our Sprint USA service gives you information about:

  • IMEI,
  • ESN,
  • Manufacturer,
  • Model,
  • Model Number,
  • Swap eligibility,
  • FED policy (financial eligibility),
  • Status Clean.

Why you should check Sprint USA Service?

The Sprint Checker is such a needed thing to use, before buying the device via the internet. You can ask the seller to pass you the IMEI number of the Sprint USA device and use this unique IMEI number on our website and find out if the device has been reported lost or stolen (blacklisted) what made that kind of device useless. You also be able to verify if the bills have been paid for this phone. You also be able to check if the manufacturer and also model and model number of the product is exactly the same as the seller told you. If everything looks right, you are able to finish the transaction and make the purchase online.

How to locate the IMEI number?

  • The quickest way to find out your IMEI number is to type *#06# on your phone keyboard and in the respond, you will be able to read your unique IMEI number,
  • The next way is to read the IMEI number from the original packaging of your phone.
  • Use About phone section located on the settings in your device and simply check the IMEI number,
  • On some of the devices, the IMEI number is located under the battery.

If you need to read a more detailed tutorial of how to locate an IMEI number, check out and get access to your unique IMEI number successfully.

When you finally locate your unique IMEI number you will be able to put it on our and simply gets a transfer to the information about your device.

From the beginning of August 2020, the Sprint USA join the T-Mobile USA, so you also able to use our T-Mobile Service on