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Do you wish to locate important information about the device provided by T-Mobile? Do you wonder to find out if the device has been reported to the T-Mobile as lost or stoled, or maybe the bills for it haven’t been paid? Do you want to buy a second-handed phone locked by T-Mobile Network Provider? We are coming to tell you what you can do to verify the TMobile phone by using just an IMEI number. In the article below you will get information on how to use T-Mobile Service to know if the device is Blacklisted or has a SIMLOCK blockade. Let’s use the IMEI number and check every device that T-Mobile is providing.

What gives you T-Mobile IMEI Check?

T-Mobile Service shows you information such as:

  • IMEI,
  • Model, Model Number,
  • Blacklist Status,
  • SIMLOCK Blockade.

Why you should use T-Mobile Service?

Our T-Mobile IMEI Check gives you details about the device provided by T-Mobile Network Carrier. By using this service, you will be able to find out if the device has a barred IMEI number, what’s makes the phone useless. Blacklist Status is the first thing that you for sure check before buying the device from the second hand. With the T-Mobile tool, you also be able to verify the product that the seller offers to you. So, what you can do when you wish to buy the phone online? Let’s ask the seller for the unique IMEI number of the device that you are planning to buy. After that, get access to the website and type this number to get all the needed information about this phone. Find out if the device has been reported as a lost or stolen to the police station or maybe the bills on it haven’t been paid, what’s means that the device has an outstanding balance. When the received information tells you that the device is clean, you can buy the product online with nothing to worry about.

How to locate the IMEI Number?

  • Enter *#06# on your device.
  • On your device, open Settings and go General or About.
  • Find under or below the battery, or on the back or bottom of the phone on the sticker.

If you wish to find our detailed tutorial to locate the IMEI number in your device, check out our webpage and read how to smoothly get access to the unique IMEI number of the T-Mobile device.

If you already hold the needed IMEI number, you are ready to perform TMobile IMEI Check to get useful information about the T-Mobile device that you wish to verify.