How to optimize Samsung battery?

Are you looking for a good way to optimize the battery consumption on your Samsung? Here we are coming with a few hints to help you prevent your device from redundant battery drainage. Find out how to activate Power Mode, check unused apps, or even manage display brightness. Discover how

How to check system storage on iPhone?

Do you wish to optimize your iPhone's internal storage? Or, maybe you would like to free up some space to speed up your iPhone performance? Check detailed information about the amount of storage are using particular apps, some temporary files, apps' caches, and much more. Here is a manner to

How to mirror the front camera on iPhone

Would you like to mirror your reflection in the iPhone's front camera? That's great because today we would like to take a closer look at the mirror camera effect. Find out how to reverse the camera view horizontally and start taking selfies and video calls with a flipped view. If

How to personalize Control Center on iPhone?

In this article, we would like to show you a manner to adjust the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad. Using Control Center you can manage alerts and BedTime settings, activate Sleep Mode, Dark Mode, screen recording feature or, accessibility shortcuts. Get rapid access to WiFi networks, Bluetooth settings,

How to use custom widgets on iOS 14?

Today, we would like to take a quick look at the variety of available widgets on iOS 14. Check for this article and learn how to generate your own widget with a reminder, calendar, time photos, custom notes, weather forecast, or activity via Apple Health. Find out how to refresh
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How to enable 4K videos?

Do you wish to record high-quality videos using your mobile? In this article, we would like to present an easy way to manage a camera on iPhone or Android device. All of the 4K videos are more cinematic and detailed because of better color handling. Check the introduced instructions and

How to scan QR codes on Android?

Today, we are coming to show you how to scan Quick Response codes on your Android device. These barcodes enable us to download an app, immediately open a specific webpage, or connect to a Wi-Fi network without providing a password. Almost every smartphone has a built-in barcode scanner, however, it
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How to check if phone is unlocked with the IMEI number?

Today, we are glad to explain to you, how to check if your smartphone is listed, as stolen or lost. In this article, we present an easy way to verify your IMEI number using mobile phone blacklists. In case, you are wondering about the purchase of a used mobile phone,
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What is ESN, MEID, MSN, PIN?

In this article, we are coming with a brief description of the identification numbers of each mobile phone. All kinds of cell phones have ESN, MEID, MSN, or PIN unchangeable numbers. If you are interested, let's directly jump to a few tips below, that will help you to become a
Serial Number

What is Serial Number?

From our earlier articles, you learned about IMEI, IMEISV, Bad IMEI, Clean IMEI. Now it's the turn of the Serial Number. Have you ever wondered what this number means and what is it used for? Are you curious where this number is located? Discover with us what is hidden under