Most probably you already know how out previous checkers work, yet now we have even more fantastic details. From now on you will be able to read the detailed info regarding the warranty. Moreover, the Activation date or Software version will not be a mystery for you as well. If you need to check if the device has the Simlock, this checker will show you such info.

Motorola smartphone

What Details Can I Get?

Motorola SmartphoneBelow you will find all data that can be found with our Motorola Checker.

  • Brand, Model, IMEI, Serial Number, MTM
  • Name, Type, MachineType, Mode
  • Warranty Start, Warranty End, Warranty Status Active
  • Battery Warranty Start, Battery Warranty End, WarrantyntyType
  • Description, Country Code, Country Name, Origin Factory Warranty
  • Category, Delivery Type, Duration Type, Ship To Country Poland, Country Poland, Remaining Days

Why Shall I Use Motorola Checker?

No matter if you are buying a second-hand smartphone or you are simply inquisitive when your Motorola was actually made. Take a look at the below and easily locate not only the activation date but also Country Code, Country Name, Origin Factory Warranty, or some other essentials. All you need to have is your device’s IMEI Number. Even if this shortcut tells you nothing, we will provide you with those details as well. You can gain more information regarding the International Mobile Equipment Identity Number.
Yet, this unique number and network connection which will allow you to reach our website, are the only things required to come along with the whole list of super-advanced details regarding your Motorola.

How to Check IMEI Number in Motorola?

So you have a few methods, and below you will find our top 3.

Original Box

The quickest and easiest way to locate IMEI is to check your device’s original box. Motorola package definitely has a sticker with IMEI info, or a number is printed on the package itself.

IMEI located on original box

Secret Code

It should take less than 30 seconds, depends on how quickly you enter the secret code, enjoy!

  1. Start with opening your phone dialer.
  2. Then enter the secret code, which is: *#06#.
  3. IMEI just popped up.


If somehow Secret Code is not working on your smartphone, you will definitely find IMEI with the method presented below.

  1. Start with opening the Settings.
  2. Secondly, go to the System tab.
  3. Thirdly, find and click on About phone.
  4. That’s it. IMEI Number is listed here.
    Locate IMEI via Settings