What a great news! With your IMEI Nuber only and our checkups, you can find loads of super-advanced and important details regarding your Nokia. Within a short while and with the use of some devices with Internet access, you can check the most interesting and the most important information about your Nokia. It is all possible thanks to the checks we have prepared for the entire Nokia family. Regardless of whether you need to check small info, or a super important detail, such as a warranty expiry date, we will do everything for you! Read the article below and see how simple it is!

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Why Shall I Use Nokia Checker?

We are happy to present you a whole set of information, so your knowledge regarding Nokia reaches the limits. You will find here everything, from the most unimportant and very obvious things to incredibly advanced details. We will do everything for you, just share your IMEI number with us. Then, within a few seconds, all relevant information will appear on your screen. Enjoy!

Nokia smartphoneWhat Details Can I Get?

  • Sales Model
  • Product Code
  • Product Type
  • Warranty Status
  • Start Of Warranty
  • End Of Warranty
  • Activation Date
  • Ship To Country
  • Sold To Country

How to Check IMEI in Nokia?

To find all details presented above, you have to locate your IMEI Number first. Take a look at the following three methods, and use one that you like the most. You can also learn some more IMEI lookups.


  1. Start with opening the Settings.
  2. Secondly, locate and find About Phone.
  3. Then, reach the Status tab.
  4. Success! LG IMEI is right in front of you.
    IMEI Number via Settings

Secret Code

  1. First of all, open Phone Dialer.
  2. Secondly, enter *#06#.
  3. That’s it! Here is your IMEI Number.
    IMEI via Secret Code

Original Nokia Box

Nokia Box