SoftBank Network Provider

Do you need to get extra information about the device provided by SoftBank? Are you looking if the phone that you are planning to buy has been reported lost or stolen? Do you wonder to check out if the SoftBank device has an active SIMLOCK Blockade? Do you wish to find out if the SoftBank phone is listed on the Blacklist Database? We would like to present the SoftBank IMEI Check Service that allows you to discover if the device has a SIMLOCK blockade or is locked by the SoftBank Network Provider, what’s make the phone useless.

What tells you SoftBank IMEI Check?

Our SoftBank Service gives you info about:

  • IMEI,
  • Model, Model Number,
  • Blacklist Status,
  • SIMLOCK Blockade.

Why you should use SoftBank Service?

Our SoftBank IMEI Check allows you to find out if the SoftBank device is existing on the Blacklist Database. You need to know if someone already reports Softbank phone as a lost/stolen or the device has an outstanding balance, what’s in effect makes the Softbank device useless. This is a super useful tool when you are planning to buy a second-handed phone via the internet. Just ask the seller about the IMEI number of the device and verify if the details passed by the seller are exactly the same that are on the international system. SoftBank Service gives you also the possibility to find out if the device has a SIMLOCK blockade and tells you if you can use the device with a different Network Provider. Let’ use our SoftBank IMEI Check available on and make sure that Blacklist Status is Clean to safely finish the whole transaction.

How to Locate the IMEI Number in SoftBank phone?

  • Open the phone dialer and type *#06#.
  • Get access to the Settings and go General or About.
  • Locate under or below the battery, or on the back or bottom of the phone on the sticker.

Do you need detailed instructions to successfully accomplish SoftBank IMEI Check? Let’s use our webpage and read how to smoothly get access to the unique IMEI number of the SoftBank phone.

When you already own the needed IMEI number, you are ready to perform SoftBank IMEI Check to get useful information about the SoftBank device that you wish to verify.