Today it’s a perfect day to extend your knowledge about the identification IMEI code. Let’s find out what exactly does it stand for and its purposes in the mobile devices world. Let’s discover its advantages and the situations to utilize it.

The IMEI code verification is recommended as a way to avoid buying a blocked phone.

What is IMEI number?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This 15-digit security number identifies the device’s standards of GSM, WCDMA, iDEN mobile. Locate yours by inserting *#06# on the phone’s keyboard or by entering the system settings panel. Here you can read more info about IMEI number and what exactly Bad IMEI means.

What can IMEI number be used for?

The principal intention of the IMEI number is to identify mobile devices. Mobile carriers can use it to verify valid devices and prevent the misplaced or stolen ones from accessing their cellular networks. As a result, they blacklist suspicious devices to lock them out of networks, so it’s no longer possible to make calls or connect to mobile data. The IMEI code verification‘s recommended as a way to avoid buying a blocked phone. Once IMEI number is blocked, the phone is completely useless.

Another situation is a suspicion of theft. Each device is actively sending the data packages through the satellites. GSM operators using the device assigned IMEI are able to locate the device’s position.

If you already own IMEI number, it gives you the possibility to receive detailed device’s information such as:

  • Full specification,
  • ESN,
  • Manufacturer,
  • Model,
  • Model Number,
  • Swap eligibility,
  • FED policy (financial eligibility),
  • Blacklist status,
  • Activation date,
  • Warranty info,
  • Carrier.