If you would like to improve your Android 11 experience with bubble chat, you should definitely read how to do it. Bubble chat will allow you to use another application at the same time while talking to your friends via such messenger as Messenger or another. When you do not use Messenger, its window will then be minimized, if a message arrives, you will have immediate access to display it without having to end the use, e.g. session in the web browser.

What is the chat ‘Bubbles’ on Android 11?

The chat bubbles is a floating message box that allows you to chat with your friends while using other applications. For example, when you are writing with your friends will be able to use a web browser at the same time. When using a chat bubble, instead of going back and forth from one app, you can easily use a chat bubble for e.g. the Messenger app during a web browser session.

How to activate chat ‘Bubbles’ on Android 11?

Usually, this option is activated by default, but if you turn it off accidentally, you will have the option to turn it back on using the following instructions:

  • First, open the Settings app on your Android 11 phone.
  • Then go to Apps & notifications > Notifications > Bubbles.
  • In the final step, toggle the Allow apps to show bubbles.
  • Great job! Chat ‘Bubbles’ has been activated perfectly.

How to enable chat ‘Bubbles’ for a specific app?

You need to make sure that the chat ‘Bubbles’ feature is turned on for the specific app that supports the feature. Supported apps probably don’t have this turned on by default, so it’s a good idea to check your settings.

To enable chat ‘Bubbles’ via the app, do the following:

  • Firstly, go to the Settings > Applications and notifications.
  • Nextly, tap All Apps.
  • Have a look for an application that doesn’t work with Bubbles.
  • At this moment, open an application from the list and select Notifications.
  • Touch Bubbles.
  • Select All conversations can bubble.
  • Chat ‘Bubbles’ has been perfectly enabled for the chosen app.