Are you looking for the IMEI number of your device? Or maybe you are planning to buy a used phone and would like to verify it? How to get an IMEI number without having a physical device? Today we would like to introduce you to a few ways that you will be able to obtain information about the IMEI number of the device you are interested in.

The IMEI number is such a useful tool when you want to check, for example, the warranty status, verify whether the device has been reported to the police or the operator as lost or stolen. This unique number is needed when you are planning to buy a second-hand device. Take a look at the methods of finding the IMEI number presented below and use our service to check the IMEI number on and be sure that the phone you are planning to buy is a device without negative records.

How to verify the IMEI number without a smartphone?

If you are interested in locating the IMEI number using a physical device, then we encourage you to read the article How to find the IMEI number?, where we show all the available methods of finding the IMEI number with the device.

Original Package

The fastest method to read the IMEI number is to reach for the original packaging of the device and locate the sticker with the IMEI of the device on it. Once you have found the IMEI, you can easily use our service available on the homepage. It is a free checker, so don’t wait, just verify your device now.


You can use iTunes to locate the IMEI number if you are the owner of the Apple device. Follow the instructions and find the IMEI of the device without any problems.

  1. In the first step, go to iTunes.
  2. In the second step, locate and open iTunes > Preferences tab in the situation when you are the owner of the Mac or go to the Edit > Preferences tab on any PC version of iTunes.
  3. At this moment, tap on the Summary tab.
  4. In the final part, click twice on your phone’s number to get access to the IMEI number.

Google Dashboard

If you are the owner of an Android device, Google Dashboard is a place where you will be able to locate your IMEI number without having a physical device at hand. Take a look at the instructions below and verify the IMEI in a few easy steps.

  1. Firstly, open the browser and go to
  2. Secondly, log in with your Google account.
  3. At this moment, expand the Android tab.
  4. Success! You are able to see the list of available Android devices together with their IMEI numbers joined to your Google account.


If you found a device on the Internet that you would like to purchase, it is really worth verifying the device in advance with its unique IMEI number. How to get it? The easiest way is when we ask the seller to enter the IMEI number assigned to the device that we are potentially interested in. If you get the IMEI number, all you need to do is use our IMEI number verification service, which is available on the homepage.

Mobile Operator

Contact the mobile operator from whom you purchased your device if you want to obtain an IMEI number. Then use our checker available on the homepage to get all the detailed information about your device.