Are you trying to identify the model name of the phone that you are holding in your hands? Here are the three ways to quickly figure it out. In this article, you receive a basic understanding of how to recognize the model of each smartphone. Apart from this, easily access the hardware and software details with the third-party apps that give you complete information about your device.

How to find out the phone model?

Phone Settings Panel

The easiest way to find out the precise phone model number is to enter the About Phone tab located in the Phone General Settings panel. Here you will be able to discover the software information and hardware version also. The About Phone menu shows you most of the desired info on one screen.

How to check phone model via Settings app?

  1. Launch the Settings app on your device.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and enter the About Phone tab.
  3. Read the phone model name and number.

Original Package Box

Explore the rear of the phone’s original package box to locate the information sticker. In this place is located the model name and model number of the product. Here are also listed identifying numbers, such as IMEI and Serial Number.

It’s worthwhile to mention that another way to identify the phone model name is to check out the order receipt or invoice.

Device Information Apps

Explore the third-party applications that quickly reveal the device’s generic information. Find out not only the phone model. Launch the Google Play Store to install the application that provides the data about CPU, RAM, OS, Sensors, Storage, Battery, SIM, Bluetooth, Network, Installed Apps, System Apps.

If you are the owner of an Apple device, Apple Support is an app that will help you in recognizing iPhone model.