Do you need to verify the authenticity of a used phone? Are you wondering is it worth buying second-hand smartphones? It’s important that you have a basic understaing of the risks regarding the entire buying process. One of the most common cheats on a second-hand telephone market is to buy a stolen phone. Let’s perform IMEI verification to stay away from stolen and blacklisted phones.

Once the IMEI code is marked as stolen, the service provider can block the signal up for an assigned device.

How to check if a phone is stolen?

This is one of the easiest ways to verify the authenticity of a used smartphone before buying it via Internet. You can use one of the online IMEI checkers to receive access to the full specification and information regarding the selected device. Verify if it is exactly the same as the seller told you and ensure yourself it has a clean IMEI. If you would like to increase your knowledge about choosing a reliable seller, read our article about Clean IMEI.

  1. To begin with, prepare an IMEI code assigned to the selected device.
  2. Then, launch the website with Checker service.
  3. At this step, provide IMEI number on the special box.
  4. Choose the grey Check button to continue the operation.
  5. Great! You have accessed the device’s full specification, including blacklist status.

If you are having some difficulties locating an IMEI Number, check out an article about Finding IMEI.