Today, we are coming with the instruction that allows you to enable Demo Mode on your Android device. If you wish to activate a mode that is usually set by retail stores on their consumer electronic floor models, check out the below instructions, and without any issues boot your Android smartphone into floor/kiosk mode.

Come along with the following instructions and smoothly get access to the Demo Mode on a smartphone with Android.

How to use Floor / Kiosk Mode on Android?

  1. In the first step, go to the Settings to successfully activate Developer options.

  2. Secondly, scroll the list to the down and pick About phone.

  3. At this moment, tap a couple of times on the Build Number until you get information that you are the developer already.

  4. Now, go back to the Settings to select System & updates.

  5. Afterward, choose Developer options, where you will be able to use Demo mode.

  6. This is the time to click on the Demo mode.

  7. In the final stage, use a switcher to activate Demo mode and show demo mode successfully. If you can see that the percentage of your battery shows 100%, you may be sure that the Demo mode has been activated already.