Would you like to create your healthy sleep schedule? Are you looking for a solution on your Android 11 device that lets you limit interruptions over your scheduled daily sleep and wake times? Come along with the following article to find out more about Bedtime mode’s benefits that you can start taking advantage of on your Android 11.

What is Bedtime mode?

Bedtime Mode is a special improved functionality that lets you limit interruptions over your daily sleep and wake times of a consistent schedule. It helps you reach a peaceful daily evening routine and runs naturally while the device is plugged in for the night.

Enabled Bedtime mode provides comfort to your eyes with darker screen tones and automatically quiets all notifications and distractions before sleep time. It also offers a calming soundtrack from YouTube, Spotify, or Calm app to make you relaxed.

How to activate Bedtime mode on Android 11?

  1. First of all, launch the Setting apps on yuor Android device.
  2. Then, enter the Digital Wellbeing and parental controls tab.
  3. Next, enter Bedtime mode option located under the section called Ways of Disconnection.
  4. In the next step, schedule your daily sleep and wakes time depending on your preferences.
  5. Then, select if you need to enable automatic starts of Bedtime mode when your mobile charges at night.

You can also manage Bedtime mode options in the Quick Settings panel shortcuts to instantly enable it at your fingertips.