Today, we are coming with the instruction, where we show you how to smoothly choose a new mail sound on iOS Mail. If you want to set up a unique alert tone or ringtone for new iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch emails, find out how to to get access to the Mail settings and choose the most liked sound or buy one from Tone Store.

Come along with the following instructions and choose the sound that will play when you receive a new mail.

How to Change New Mail Sound on iPhone?

  1. At the very beginning, activate your iPhone and go to the Setting app.

  2. In the next step, scroll the Settings list to the Notifications.

  3. At this moment, pick the Mail app.

  4. Now, it is high time to tap on Sounds.

  5. Finally, you pick your favorite sound on your mail alert.

  6. Also, you have the possibility to buy sound from the Tone Store.

  7. Perfect job! Your most liked sound is already set up on Mail Notification.